Exonia’s Telecommunications Practice is headed by Peter Farmer, who has well over a decade’s experience in various commercial, regulatory and public affairs roles in the field.

We offer specialist advice and guidance on regulatory compliance in many jurisdictions around the world as well as support on general telecoms interconnection and commercial issues in voice, data and mobile. In conjunction with the telecoms expertise in our Accounting Practice, this advice can extend to billing, mediation and reconciliation advice or outsourcing too. 

Pete is well known for his involvement in a number of telecommunications disputes and subsequent litigation (his case history is here). As a part of that litigation work, Pete has been cross-examined a number of times on his evidence to the court, on matters that have been given significant weight in the judgment – this experience can be valuable to the smaller operator seeking redress of perceived injustice.

Exonia’s skills and experience mean that growing operators can receive the complete range of benefits which are usually the preserve of established operators, and those established operators can supplement their existing teams with the benefit of a fresh, but well educated, set of eyes on a challenge.

Services are offered on a fixed fee (such as number applications), retainer or just ad-hoc time and materials. Feel free to reach out for a no-obligation chat if you think we could help.